Supplemental Teaching Materials

Supplemental materials for teaching about computer systems performance evaluation with Measuring Computer Performance: A Practitioner's Guide.

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Performance evaluation courses.


Statistical software.


Presentation materials.

The following material is provided to help others in teaching their courses on computer systems performance evalution. You are welcome to use this material in your own course lectures. However, you may not use this material for any commercial or other purposes without the author's permission.


Presentation Type
Chapter 1 - Introduction. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 2 - Metrics of performance. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 3 - Average performance and variability. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 4 - Errors in experimental measurements. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 5 - Comparing alternatives. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 6 - Measurment tools and techniques. Powerpoint slides
Chapter 9 - Design of experiments. Powerpoint slides
Summary. Powerpoint slides